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Billings Hormone Replacement

Trinity Health, located in Billings, focuses on individualizing Hormone Therapy for Women and Men. We specialize in Hormone Replacement for approved indications of Menopause for women and Low Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men.  Focusing on menopause for women, Heidi encourages every woman to embrace this phase of their life. Understanding BHRT empowers women with the knowledge to make the right decisions and successfully manage menopausal symptoms. Understanding appropriate dosages, appropriate routes of administration and the appropriate length of treatment for each woman keeps Trinity Health in the forefront.  Offering Low T options for men, Heidi will help determine if Testosterone Replacement Therapy is right for you. Making the right choice for TRT is an important decision for men today.  Our approach to Bio Identical Hormone Replacement for women and men is based on sound medicine. Hormone optimization takes patience, compliance, great communication and a partnership with you. Make your appointment today – meet Heidi, and begin the journey to the new you.

About us

Women and men are very comfortable and confident in our setting for hormone replacement. Programs are individualized; one size does not fit all. Every program is physician managed; appointments are always on time with our hormone replacement provider, Heidi Efinger NP-C. Personalized care is our focus; we recognize the importance of one on one attention.

Heidi Efinger, NP-C
MSN, Clinical Director, Trinity Health

Heidi has been in the caring profession for over 20 years. Her experience ranges across the lifespan and includes a variety of health care settings. A Montana native and nature lover, Heidi has motivated and educated her patients to optimize their health and wellness naturally. Striving to utilize the newest, evidence-based medicine, Heidi is certified in Preventive Health at the Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine. Her extensive training includes many advanced anti-aging modalities such as hormone balance and optimization through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and supplementation of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Heidi also provides weight loss interventions, MIC injections, and IV vitamin therapy.
In 2010, Heidi became interested in Botox treatment for her patients with chronic pain, and soon received Allergan Injector Certification for Botox, Dermal Filler, and Kybella. Heidi sees Aesthetic Rejuvenation as a fine art and a tremendous gift to her clients seeking a more youthful appearance. Her aesthetic training also includes certification in the use of Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) for facial aesthetics, skin rejuvenation, and hair loss. Additionally, she utilizes PRP for treatment of erectile dysfunction, difficult orgasm, and other vaginal issues. Heidi regularly attends both Aesthetic and Anti-aging conferences, and remains at the forefront of Age Management Medicine and Aesthetic medicine, incorporating the latest techniques into her practice and teaching.


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